nti-theft satnav car sticker

Beat car crime with anti-theft satnav stickers

    As increasingly sophisticated immobilisers and tracking systems make cars harder to steal, opportunistic thieves are turning to easier pickings - your portable satnav system.

Hapless motorists who leave their satnavs under the seat or in the glove box are returning to find their windows smashed and their valuable equipment gone. Let thieves know that you never leave your satnav in the car.

Our high quality, self adhesive vinyl stickers, measuring 67 x 39mm (approximately 2 3/4 x 1 1/2 inches) stick to the inside of your car windows.

    Photograph of anti-theft satnav car sticker

Pair of anti-theft satnav stickers
£3.00 including UK postage

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    Frequently Asked Questions

Will using these stickers alert thieves to the fact that I have a satnav system?
Do you mean unlike that great big black plastic cradle stuck to your windscreen?

What do the Police say about the rise in satnav crime?
The Police are all in favour of drivers removing their portable satnav systems every time they leave their cars unattended. However they also recommend that they remove all evidence of the system by taking the cradle and power lead and wiping off the tell tale suction marks from the windscreen. Unlikely.
Alternatively you could install a pair of our anti-theft satnav stickers and make sure you never, ever leave your satnav in the car.

Where should I position the stickers?
Thieves cruise the pavements on foot looking in through the kerb side front windows (we've watched them, we live in Hackney). We recommend that you stick them above the handle on both the front passenger and driver windows.

Some useful information
You can property mark your satnav system with your postcode and house name or number and register it free of charge on the National Property Register at:
This site is used by the Police to reunite stolen property and its rightful owner.

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9 POINTS PLEASE PASS car sticker
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Pair of anti-theft satnav stickers
and one 9 POINTS PLEASE PASS car sticker
£5.00 including UK postage

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