I read an interesting quote recently from Kevin McCloud. He was referring to the challenges of making a new series of Grand Designs in the current situation. He wrote:

“People always talk about ‘the survival of the fittest’, but what Darwin actually wrote is: ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change’, and that I find interesting. The people who have come out strongest this year are those who’ve learnt to work with each other as communities, households that work together, people who collaborate and co-operate. I thought that was really powerful.”


A great example of this adaptability has been Charlotte’s rapid response to the closure of exhibitions by launching her first online Showcase in July 2020. It was hugely successful with 10,000 visitors from around the world and it enabled us craftsmen to keep our work to the forefront and gave us a broad market place. When it became clear that her Christmas event was going to be cancelled too she replaced it with another Showcase at the end of November.

It was a great challenge for us but as we thought it was a good idea we tried our best to rise to it. The Showcases were more successful than we could have imagined.

An online show will never replace the fun of a live event, meeting our customers and friends and giving people the opportunity to see and handle our work, but we feel that online events are going to increase in importance not just in the medium term but in the long term too.

With that in mind we are taking a long, hard look at our website searching for ways to adapt it more readily to this new model. We plan to make it more accessible, easier to navigate and hopefully add e-commerce so that we can present work on a ‘buy it now’ basis.

We are not sure how long this will take or what exactly is involved so we may not update the site for a while. But rest assured that in the background we will be working hard making new and exciting pieces to complete your miniature interiors.

In the meantime all the very best for 2021, stay safe,

Karen and Peter